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Within the Casemate Group, we have 7 separate distribution divisions.


There are four divisions based out of our US office in Havertown, PA. Our senior client relations executive is Michaela Goff, VP US Sales, Marketing and Client Relations. On the digital side Curtis Key, Group VP Digital and Publishing Services, manages the worldwide eBook program and unique digital client relationships.

Pick, pack and dispatch for the US based print divisions (Casemate Publishers, Casemate IPM and Casemate Academic) is provided to us by Books International which through its IBI operation also enables us to offer in-warehouse super high-quality print on demand and integrated automatic stock replenishment (POD and ASR)

The US based executive team is headed by David Farnsworth and manages all aspects of the business for the 4 US divisions. Sales, Marketing, Data Management Services, Customer Service and all Credit Collection/Finance Management/Client Reporting is done from our Havertown office.

Founded in 2001, Casemate Publishers has a particular focus and expertise in military history, defense studies, espionage and related subjects with a dedicated in-house sales and marketing team with many years of expertise in the field. This team is supported by freelance sales representatives in the US and other markets.
We sell across a whole range of market sectors from leading online and bricks-and-mortar retailers, all the major wholesalers, museums, libraries and a great variety of specialty retailers. Casemate has a dedicated mail-order division, The Warrior, which provides regular offerings to many thousands of individuals across the United States

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Our Casemate IPM division began life as International Publishers Marketing and had built a very solid reputation as a general trade distributor before it became part of the Casemate Group in 2015. In 2019 Casemate IPM further expanded when we took on the distribution business of Dufour Editions. Within the group, Casemate IPM focuses on general trade publishing and represents a very wide range of publishers and subject areas to the American market including travel, cookery, crafts, transportation, Irish Interest, Scottish interest, poetry, literary fiction, and much more.

Casemate IPM shares back-office systems with the other US based Casemate divisions and has its own dedicated sales and marketing team which is supported by freelance sales teams across the US and beyond.

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Casemate Academic began life in 1991 as The David Brown Book Company which for many years was a leading distributor of scholarly and academic books based in Connecticut and which joined the Casemate Group in 2011 with our acquisition of Oxbow Books since when it has gone from strength to strength.

The Casemate Academic team provides specialty sales and marketing services for a distinguished collection of leading specialty publishers in this sector. The team works closely with leading library supply companies, specialty retailers, online retailers and international sales agencies as well as with freelance sales representative in the US market. In normal times the team represents our client publishers at the relevant academic conferences each year

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The Casemate Group has a flexible, fully personalized, digital distribution service, offering a range of services from digital conversion through to full global eBook sales, marketing and distribution. We work directly with over 100 eBook vendors, and are continually adding new vendor relationships, partnering with e-retailers across the globe. The Casemate Digital team also manages our Open Access delivery system.

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There are three divisions based out of our UK office. Our senior client relations executive is Alan Mabley, UK Group Managing Director. On the digital side Curtis Key (based in our US office)manages the worldwide eBook program and unique digital client relationships.

Physical Distribution/Fulfilment for the UK based print divisions (Casemate UK, Casemate Art and Oxbow Books) is provided to us by United Independent Distributors/Orca Book Services which through its arrangement with Printforce also supplies in warehouse super high-quality print on demand and integrated automatic stock replenishment (POD and ASR)

Our Sales, Marketing, Data Management teams and Client Reporting are all managed by Casemate’s Oxford based executive lead by Alan Mabley.

Casemate UK opened for business in 2007. Operating from offices in Oxford, Casemate UK offers provides a fully integrated, sales, marketing and distribution service for our client publishers, worldwide (excluding the Americas.)

From our founding specialist subject of military history, Casemate UK’s global distribution operation offers trade distribution for publishers in key specialist disciplines and subject areas, from history to food and drink, from lifestyle to music, hobbies, travel and beyond. We provide an optimised service for startup publishers looking to launch their new publishing programme, for experienced publishers seeking to change their current distribution arrangements, and for growing publishers looking to expand beyond their current capacities, without incurring significant extra overhead. All our clients benefit from the highly professional and experienced sales, marketing and publicity teams, who have built up long-standing, successful relationships within the book trade.

From high street chains and independents, through to wholesalers, online retailers, library suppliers, non-traditional, gift and specialty sales outlets, Casemate UK continues to develop emerging sales channels and reach new customers, across the globe.

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Casemate Art is the art history, architecture, and modern and contemporary arts division of the UK based part of the group. Casemate Art offers sales, marketing and full distribution service for art book publishers around the world.

Casemate Art both distributes titles and provides sales representation (in the UK) for art publishers including Anomie Publishing, The British Museum Press, Booth-Clibborn Editions, Enitharmon Editions, Liss Llewellyn Fine Art, Osborne Samuel Gallery, Paul Holberton Publishing Piano Nobile, Sansom Publishing and many more, visiting museums, galleries, libraries, high street, independent and specialist, non-traditional art sales accounts, supported by dedicated, experienced, in-house marketing teams.

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Joining the Casemate Group in 2011, Oxbow Books was founded in 1983 by David Brown, quickly growing to become one of the leading academic and scholarly book publishers, distributors, and booksellers in the UK. Nearly 40 years on our aims remain the same; to produce high-quality publications, provide a superior full distribution service and grow both sales revenue and company profile for the academic book trade’s leading publishers, across the globe.

Oxbow Books offers its publishing clients a complete range of sales, marketing, and distribution services, within one, cost-effective, global distribution arrangement, customised to best suit their publishing programme’s needs, and to meet market demand, from experienced sales support, targeted marketing campaigns, through to review/inspection copy management, and regular conference attendance, whilst enabling publishers to reduce fixed overheads and increase revenue across all sales channels.

We offer an ideal arrangement for new publishers looking for help launching their academic or scholarly publishing programme, a well-established publisher reviewing current distribution arrangements, or for growing publishers looking to benefit from Oxbow’s highly professional and experienced academic books sales, marketing and publicity team, who have built up long-standing, successful relationships within the book trade, from libraries, institutions, campus bookshops, high street chains and independents, through to wholesalers, online retailers and library suppliers.

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