Casemate Group Distribution and Publishing Services

As part of our Publishing and Distribution Services, The Casemate Group provides global book sales, marketing and distribution.  These are tailored services for publishers from around the world together with ancillary services including book production, fulfillment, custom publishing, and more.

Headquartered in Havertown, PA in the United States and Oxford in the United Kingdom The Casemate Group has a world-wide wide reach with highly experienced teams in both locations dedicated to offering a personal, profession service and to maximizing brand recognition and sales for our client publishers across the entire range of specialist and general trade, academic book and library markets, business to business and direct to consumer through our own mail-order capabilities.

Through our longstanding and close relationship with Books International (in the US) and Marston Book Services/Orca (in the UK,) The Casemate Group is easily able to provide our client publishers with warehousing and simultaneous publication of books on both sides of the Atlantic as well as print on demand (POD) and highly customizable automated stock replenishment (ASR) in both locations for books in all formats, for all sectors, via all channels and all tied to efficient credit control, data management, and real-time reporting.

The Casemate Group also offers a full suite of book production capabilities, including access to our innovative Minerva publishing management system. Using Minerva, The Casemate Group offers typesetting, custom publishing, eBook conversion, and a multitude of other production related services, all in a managed platform that provides workflow transparency and efficiency to our clients.

The Casemate Group’s publishing imprints include US based Casemate Publishers (one of the world’s foremost military history publishers,) and UK based Oxbow Books and Windgather Press which are leading imprints in academic archaeology publishing and on studies in landscape and archaeology respectively. Our Publishers and marketing teams work hard with our authors which results in sales success for them and us and in longstanding relationships. Our authors enjoy a professional and highly efficient experience with us.

So, if you are a publisher looking for a new distribution home for your books and are concerned or unpersuaded by cookie cutter solutions offered by anonymous big box corporations yet still want the reach they offer, but with a proper, personal, level of service, you are in the right place. Please peruse the rest of this website to learn more about the services we offer. On many of the pages you will find Get in Touch spots with email addresses and telephone numbers. Drop us a line or give us a call—we’d love to talk to you and learn about your business and let’s see if we are the home you are looking for.

For Authors

If you are an author in the military history field looking for a publisher, please follow this link: for more information on the submission process for Casemate Publishers.

If you are an author or institution looking for a publisher for your work in the field of archaeology, please follow this link: for more information on the submission process for Oxbow Books and Windgather Press.

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