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Publishing Services by The Casemate Group

Casemate Publishing and the Casemate Group has three Primary Publishing Categories:

Casemate Publishers

The Casemate Group’s trade publishing company, Casemate Publishers, is one of the leading publishers in the fields of military history, defence studies, and military science, publishing up to 40 new books a year.

Dedicated to publishing important and far-reaching military history, covering all periods of conflict, from ancient civilizations to modern warfare, Casemate Publishers has a highly regarded reputation for expert, informative and engaging books of superior quality.

Recent series releases include our best-selling Pocket Manuals series, which bring to life some of history’s most iconic roles from the last 100 years, our critically acclaimed Casemate Classic War Fiction, featuring reissued military novels which perfectly capture the gritty, harsh realities of warfare, Casemate Short History, which provide concise, engaging and expert guides to key historical topics and Casemate Illustrated, a new, extensively illustrated series exploring key elements of military history, from campaigns, units and battles to aircraft, ships and weapons.

Casemate Publishers’ enthusiasm for military history brings together the field’s leading authors and its readers, to shed new light on key events, deliver important new information and provide accessible, engaging accounts to bring new perspectives on such an important part of the world’s history.

Oxbow Books

The Casemate Group’s academic publishing company, Oxbow Books, including imprint Windgather Press, is the world’s leading archaeology publisher, publishing 70–80 books a year. These include monographs, edited collections of papers and excavation and site reports, encompassing all periods from prehistory through classical archaeology, the ancient Near East, Egyptology, the Middle Ages and post-medieval archaeology. Related fields such as environmental archaeology, landscape archaeology, archaeozoology, maritime and underwater archaeology are also covered, as well as wider examinations of archaeological practice and theory.

Windgather Press specialises in publishing accessible and attractive books on landscape history, landscape archaeology, the history of Britain’s countryside and beyond. The publications are designed not only for those professionally engaged in the subject, but also for those with a serious amateur interest in landscape research.


If you are interested in writing a book for Oxbow Books, please read our author submission guidelines here. If you are interested in acquiring the rights to any Oxbow Books publication, please contact Tim Livingston via email or call +44 (0) 1865 241249.

Publishing Services

Within our long-standing, well-respected publishing imprints, Casemate Publishers and Oxbow Books, we also provide publishing services to a variety of publishers, societies and institutes who need editorial and publishing support.
We offer a complete service, tailored to the needs of the individual project and subject area, utilizing our very experienced team of editors, production staff and designers.

We can take your project from conception through commissioning, evaluation, editing, copyediting, proofreading, design, layout and indexing through to a finished pre-press file, or indeed supply finished, printed copies. We can also provide academic readers in your subject area.


If you are interested in finding out more about publishing services, please contact David Farnsworth via Email or call +1(610) 853-9131.