Global Digital Distribution

Global Digital Distribution

Casemate Digital

The Casemate Group has a flexible, fully personalized, digital distribution service, offering a range of services from digital conversion to full global eBook sales, marketing, and distribution. We provide client publishers with a completely integrated print and digital strategic partnership, to ensure maximum business development opportunities and future-proofing support. We work directly with the major eBook vendors globally, covering both general trade and academic platforms, and are continually monitoring up-and-coming retail platforms for strategic partnerships.

The Casemate Group also provides publishers with a completely integrated print and digital publishing and distribution service, ensuring simultaneous print and eBook releases, data conversion, data asset management, and full content distribution around the globe, all supported by our sales and marketing expertise, delivering a complete, cost-effective end-to-end solution.

We attribute our success to our dedicated focus on three core components of our program: efficiency of conversion, direct distribution, and targeted, personalized marketing. Furthermore, our individualized attention to each book in production, allows us to produce digital products that exceed client expectations in terms of design quality and editorial accuracy.

Casemate Group’s Digital Conversion, Distribution, and Marketing encompasses the following:

  • Aggregated, comprehensive sales reporting
  • Experienced, fast conversion services
  • Technical support
  • Secure file storage
  • Metadata management
  • Global digital asset management and distribution
  • Full sales and marketing support, including dedicated campaigns and review/inspection copy management
  • Straight-forward fee structure

Conversion Services

Our highly qualified conversion team produces ePub3 eBooks that range from basic reflowable, one-column content, to complex fixed-layout designs, with a wide range of enhancements including read-aloud, animation, interactive eLearning, and embedded video.

Our Services Include:

  • Feedback monitoring across all retail sites
  • Problem-free guarantee for 12 months after files are uploaded to e-retailers
  • OCR scanning services, for destructive and non-destructive scanning
  • Multi-column conversions
  • Fixed page layout
  • Read-A-Loud
  • Animation
  • Embedded assessments
  • eDuPub standard formatting
  • Java scrip popups including audio and video enhancements
  • Text-to-audio
  • Full accessibility features for the reading impaired
  • Global language conversion including right-to-left reading