Using the Casemate Group as your distribution partner allows you to focus on publishing exceptional books that buyers and readers will love. With global reach and a passionate team of highly skilled, knowledgeable publishing professionals, the Casemate Group’s ongoing priority is to ensure you:

  • Significantly grow and future-proof your business
  • Successfully build and shape your program into a high-profile, critically acclaimed publishing brand
  • Sell and promote your products more widely than you ever thought possible
  • Solve your distribution and supply chain problems
  • Provide the most cost-effective, pain-free, trusted route to market


f you are interested in discussing any of the Casemate Group’s services in more detail; for the North American
market please contact David Farnsworth via email call +1 (610) 853-9131 and for the UK and other export
territories please contact Alan Mabley via email or call +44 (0) 1865 241249.


Since entrusting our trade titles to Casemate our UK sales have increased by double figures. Were that not impressive enough, they are more than willing to go the extra mile in selling our academic titles where appropriate and helping us place titles to coincide with special events.

Michael Richards, Sales & Marketing Director, Boydell & Brewer

The British Museum has entrusted its academic titles to Casemate for a number of years now and could think of no better distributor
in this respect. Sales of British Museum titles through Casemate are consistently good and the customer service in both the UK and the US is excellent.

Sarah Faulks, Senior Editorial Manager, The British Museum

We are very happy with our decision to make Casemate our distribution partners in US and UK more than five years ago, after reviewing various alternatives. Regardless the size of publishing house, a business needs strong, reliable and experienced
partners to “survive” in the demanding and fast-changing world
of book publishing. We at Harpia Publishing are convinced we are working with the right partner, helping us to successfully convert our business strategy into ongoing sales growth worldwide.

Heinz Berger, MD, Harpia Publishing

In terms of both the people that make up the team and sales performance Casemate have delivered strongly on both fronts for us, consistently and over a sustained period of years. I’m a tremendous believer that people are a business’ best asset, and in that respect always enjoy working with Casemate, I find them ready to listen, responsive and flexible, as well as extremely proactive.
This spans the full range of activities, from front-end trade sales to following up review copies. Our sales have grown year-on-year on a consistent basis, as Casemate have consistently shown themselves unwilling to rest on their laurels, but rather to seek out new clients and markets to help move our business forwards.
I’m extremely satisfied with our relationship with them, and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them to anyone serious about wanting to find success in publishing.

Duncan Rogers, CEO, Helion Publishing

PLEASE NOTE: Casemate’s US and UK Offices are closed through the end of July and we are working remotely as a result of COVID 19. Our telephones will be answered as usual, so feel free to call us but please bear in mind it may take us longer than normal to answer your questions. You can also email us on casemate@casematepublishers.com; casemate-uk@casematepublishers.co.uk