The Casemate Group works in partnership with industry leaders, Versatile PreMedia, to deliver a complete, global sales, marketing and distribution service for publishers looking to simply workflow, improve efficiencies and automate processes.

Versatile’s Services


Utilising an effective amalgamation of intelligent automation and human expertise, Versatile can manage the entire production process from receipt of an initial manuscript through to delivery of a final, print and digital-ready file, including typesetting, copy-editing, project management, indexing, layout design, indexing and e-book conversion, to reduce publishing costs by up to 40%.


Offering simultaneous e-book and print book creation, with enhanced features including augmented reality, audio, animation, interactive elements, working in partnership with the Casemate Group to deliver our client publishers’ e-books globally across multiple devices to multiple e-book retailers in all available formats around the world.

Data Conversion

Digitizing all form of pre-published content, from onsite scanning of rare manuscripts to large-scale non-destructive/destructive scanning and OCR of printed books, across 30+ digital formats.

Catalogue Production

An automated and customised catalogue creation system, working with multiple data input formats, from Excel to ONIX 3.0, with a wide range of template designs, using Adobe InDesign in a real-time, cloud-based environment, to improve efficiencies of sales materials production, maximising in-house capacity.

The Value of Working with Versatile

Automation of more than 90% of the publishing process can be achieved through using Versatile’s premedia tools and products. With their extensive experience, working with over 450 publishers worldwide, Versatile delivers a complete, innovative, customised experience, enabling publishers to future-proof their business and improve efficiencies, in collaboration with the Casemate Group to deliver competitive, high-quality, discoverable content to the end user, who demands anytime access from anywhere through any available platform.

PLEASE NOTE: Casemate’s US and UK Offices are closed through the end of July and we are working remotely as a result of COVID 19. Our telephones will be answered as usual, so feel free to call us but please bear in mind it may take us longer than normal to answer your questions. You can also email us on casemate@casematepublishers.com; casemate-uk@casematepublishers.co.uk