Mercier Press Agreement

Celebrating its 75th anniversary this year, Mercier Press publishes approximately 30 books annually in categories ranging from fiction to food, history and sports to true crime, as well as folklore, myths, legends, and humour. It has a backlist of about 600 titles in a variety of formats. Some of its best-loved authors include John B Keane, Nuala Fennell, Bill Cullen, and Chris Moore.

“We believe in the importance of Irish heritage,” said Dierdre Roberts, general manager at Mercier Press. “We are proud of the contribution our business has made to Irish cultural life, and strive to offer an alternative voice to authors, readers and scholars. We’re excited to be reintroduced to North America.”

Simone Drinkwater, Vice President, Business Development for Casemate Group, who brokered the deal, agreed “Mercier Press is one of the publishing industry’s most highly regarded and long established publishers, and we are thrilled to be returning their extraordinary books to the North American market, introducing many new readers to their renowned stable of important Irish authors. We are looking forward to working with Deirdre and her team at Mercier to further build the Press’ international profile and provide their books with the exposure and reach they so richly deserve.”


About Casemate:

Founded in 2001, Casemate is a publisher and book distributor in the North American market. Casemate is the leading publisher in the fields of military history, defense studies, and military science in the USA. Many publishers from the USA, UK, continental Europe and beyond, trust Casemate as a valued sales, marketing, and distribution partner, helping them to maximize sales in the vibrant US market. Casemate’s US distribution operation offers books in many disciplines and subject areas, from history to genealogy, from fine art to cookery, and much more. History and related distribution client books are showcased on Casemate Publishers. Non-history related books are showcased on Casemate IPM. Academic books can be found on Casemate Academic. For more information about Casemate’s publishing and distribution service, please visit Casemate Group.

About Mercier Press:

Mercier Press is Ireland’s oldest independent publishing house, based in Cork. It was founded in 1944 by Captain Seán and Mary Feehan. The publishing house was named after Cardinal Mercier of Belgium, a man who in his day, proved himself not only a man of thought, whose mind ranged over every subject of vital interest to humanity, but a man of action in the varying circumstances of a life that shone before the eyes of a watching world. The voice of Cardinal Mercier could not be stilled and Mercier Press is proud to borrow from him the inspiration for its publishing program, which is a belief in the importance of Ireland’s ability to provide accessible histories and cultural books for Irish readers and all who are interested in Irish cultural life. For more information, please visit Mercier Press.

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