Our Publishers

We believe strong, personal relationships are vital to the success of any business and work in close collaboration with our publishers, tailoring our services to fit their needs. We work with trade, specialist and academic publishers, university presses, institutes and societies from around the world, across a variety of subject areas, focusing primarily on the arts, humanities and social sciences sectors, including both fiction and non-fiction, illustrated and reference works.


If you are interested in becoming a client of the Casemate Group, for the North American market please contact
David Farnsworth via email or call +1 (610) 853-9131 and for the UK and other export territories please contact
Alan Mabley via email or call +44 (0) 1865 241249.


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PLEASE NOTE: Casemate’s US and UK Offices are closed through the end of July and we are working remotely as a result of COVID 19. Our telephones will be answered as usual, so feel free to call us but please bear in mind it may take us longer than normal to answer your questions. You can also email us on casemate@casematepublishers.com; casemate-uk@casematepublishers.co.uk