Aris & Phillips

Founded in 1980, Aris & Phillips has been an imprint of Oxbow Books since 2002. Aris & Phillips publishes two prestigious series; Classical Texts, edited by Professor Christopher Collard (The Queens College Oxford) and Hispanic Classics edited by Dr Jonathan Thacker, (Merton College Oxford). The Classical Texts series publishes modern editions of Classical Greek and Latin texts, with substantial introductions and commentaries as well as the original text with facing-page English translation. The Hispanic Classics series publishes editions of Hispanic texts from the Medieval texts through the Golden Age to 21st century literature including plays, poetry and novels, with wide-ranging introductions, translators note and notes as well as the Spanish text with facing-page English translation. In addition the list includes books on Classical literature, Hispanic literature and books on the archaeology of ancient Egypt, the Near East and the Mediterranean.

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